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Here you will find results from the SECOND EDITION (First Block of Modalities: “Continental”) the GOLDEN ARTS INTERNATIONAL CONTEST. If you have not been selected or you didn't win the First Prize, don't get so angry because level was particularly high for each category. At the end, it doesn't mean you don't know how to play your instrument. We just encourage you to keep enjoying playing music for all the world and then you will study and play more happy and why not, who knows if maybe you will win the 3rd Edition of the Golden Arts Contest? Feel free to apply for it, check rules on our website. 

First Prizes


Music from an European composer

Rafał Kleszcz (Poland) - Clarinet, Category A*

Hanzhang Yan (United States of America) - Violin, Category A

Louie Tsai (United States of America) - Violin, Category B

Lucía Fernández Toraño (Spain) - Flute, Category B

Victoria Tan (United States of America) - Violin, Category C

Leon Klimiuk (Poland) - Clarinet, Category C

Aaliyah Higashimori (Japan) - Violin, Category D

Music from an Asian composer

Lara Salgado Vieira (Portugal) - Saxophone, Category B

Ela Yalcin (Netherlands) - Hartp, Category D

Second Prizes

Music from an European composer

Marius Bytautas (Lithuania) - Voice, Category A

Marcin Sokoleńko (Poland) - Saxophone, Category B

Alexandra Huguet Gély (Spain) - Flute, Category B

Vanesa Sirma (Latvia) - Flute, Category C

Alejandro Colás Cobo (Spain) - Oboe, Category D

Third Prizes

Music from an European composer

Sojung Lee (South Korea) - Clarinet, Category A

Agata Wysokińska (Poland) - Voice, Category A

Katherine Burklin (United States of America) - Piano, Category B

*Special Golden Artists Prizes

Rafał Kleszcz (Poland) - Clarinet, Category A